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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vancouver Signs Sundin

Let me first apologize for my "posting" mistakes. While I view myself as a competent writer, I am not quite as capable when it comes to my computer skills. So, that being said, I'll do my best to improve where I need to. Speaking of improving, the Vancouver Canucks just did! By acquiring future Hall of Fame center Mats Sundin. They made another tangible step toward not only making the playoffs, they should now have enough fire power to win the Pacific Division with relative ease. This is a franchise that had the guts and intelligence to reward Roberto Luongo with the "C" that no other NHL goalkeeper has EVER had the responsibility of wearing. Even with the addition of Sundin, Luongo remains the heart and soul of this up and coming team. I still can't understand what Mike Milbury was thinking when he traded Luongo to Vancouver. This is in my mind, as bad a trade as the Boston Bruins made when they dealt league MVP Joe Thorton to the San Jose Sharks. Well, as Forest Gump might say, "stupid is, as stupid does". Sundin could have ended up a Ranger, but as we all understand money talks and you know what walks! Sundin will be paid handsomely for his services. He is to receive a prorated ten million dollar contract. The Canucks' actual offer sheet was a whopping two year deal for twenty million, which was initially put on the table this past August. Either way, Vancouver had the cap space to sign Sundin and the Rangers will have to do without. Whether the addition of Sundin will be the missing ingredient to Vancouver's' cup hopes only time will tell.

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