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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hello Kansas City?

The last time Kansas City had a NHL team, their name was the Scouts and I was quite a bit younger. So, it comes to me, based on information that I have acquired, that the state of Missouri will once again be the proud home of not just one promising NHL franchise, but two! Nassau County Executive, Tom Suozzi and company have made little effort to "make nice" with New York Islanders' principal owner, Computer Associates CEO, Charles Wang. The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is a decaying disgrace. The Islanders are an elite franchise if history serves. Not yet forty years old, the Isles have won four Stanley Cups. That stacks up favorably against nearly everyother NHL team with the obvious exceptions (Montreal and Detroit). The NHL will once again be adding two new franchises in the near future, logically one to a former home of a WHL/NHL frnanchise, Winnepeg and the other in all likelyhood Kansas City. Charles Wang is a visionary and an astute bussinessman. He Knows that the economic climate is not conducive to a taxpayer funded arena in the near future. He has all ready sold all but one percent of his share of the AFL New York Dragons, Who play their home games where the Islanders do. Kansas City has a brand-spanking new state of the art arena. The only thing missing is a NHL franchise. Kansas City has a group of investors eager to purchase the Islanders and relocate them. If you were Charles Wang and you knew all these things, what would you do? One last thing, unlike the other three major sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL) the NHL does not have a major television contract. This necessitates, that each franchise must draw well at the gate. The Islanders attendance has been anemic to say the least. You can weigh the facts for yourself, and when you do, I think you'll see my point.

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